Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure



The exhilarating and hilarious story of one man, a search engine, and some of the strangest people in the world. Dave Gorman returns to New York with Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure, produced by WestBeth Entertainment and Jam Theatricals. Dave previously played New York with his acclaimed show Are You Dave Gorman? in 2001. He returns to New York under the banner of WestBeth's British/Irish Comedy Invasion. If someone called you a Googlewhack, what would you do? You might reasonably ask them what it meant. But it's unlikely you'd end up playing table tennis with a 9-year-old in a Boston basement or wind up in L.A. with three snakes on your head. But then you're not Dave Gorman are you? What is a Googlewhack? Simply put, if you type two unrelated words into the Google search engine and get only one hit - you have created a Googlewhack. Most word combinations entered get multiple hits, often as many as 50,000; a Googlewhack combination is a relatively rare occurrence. For most people, Googlewhacking is an amusing way to pass a few minutes -- unless you are Dave Gorman. Gripped by his Googlewhacking obsession, Gorman traversed the globe three times, tracing the sources of these word juxtapositions, meeting an unlikely cast of real-life eccentrics and coercing them to become co-dependents to his crippling addiction. The result is this riotously funny memoir that takes the audience to the shadiest intersections of the worldwide web.


Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure - Nov 4, 2004

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