Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

1hr. 15min.


Something Fresh

I've seen a lot of garbage theater this year (some of it on Broadway). Danny and the Deep Blue Sea was a breath of fresh air. Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker's performances were alive and magnetic. This production was simple, but very powerful. Something you don't see very often.

Raw and Grounded

What I love about The Seeing Place is their devotion to raw, grounded reality. They are true to life and explore the nuances and isms of characters. What I want to see in my theatre is the ugly truth, and with Danny and The Deep Blue Sea, Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker do just that. They've boldly gotten their claws on these characters and the pasts that haunt them and make their audiences watch. For the sake of theatre, keep it up please!


Great night of theatre. Thank you for bringing art to NYC in such a commercial environment.

It Takes Guts

I have seen many performances, in Australia, UK and US of "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" but in this one the actors found the lot; love, pathos, anger, fear, hopefulness, hopelessness, joy, happiness! And the comedy! They found the comedy and, in this play, that takes guts. - Stella Pulo, The Actors Studio

Great show

It's always a gamble to go see a play that you're in love with and have seen many other productions of before. Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker came through with truthful and moving performances. At this writing, I believe there is one performance left. Just run up to West 54th and see it! You won't regret it. Hurry!

Best show I've seen

Do not miss your last chance to see The Seeing Place Theater's latest production of Danny and The Deep Blue Sea! It is some of the best theater I have ever seen! The chemistry between actors, Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker is ab solutely amazing. They will both break your heart and help mend it back together, all within the span of 75 minutes. The acting is so good you actually forget you're watching a play, and feel more like a voyeuristic fly on the wall in the lives of these two damaged souls. Please do not miss this opportunity to see some amazing theater. I do not normally write reviews, but I was so moved by the production that I had to help spread the word. Now get off your butt and go see this show!

Well worth seeing

Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker breathe new life into this well-known play. Their performances are powerful and moving. I'm very glad I had a chance to see this show.

Rare Off-Broadway Gem!

“Danny…” is one of those rare Off Broadway gems that come along all too seldom. Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker have elevated John Patrick Shanley’s play into an exquisitely moving theater experience. Their performances are multi layered, brave and inspiring. As an audience member you find yourself holding your breath – so wanting to be hopeful and see these two very struggling characters fight their way to a hopeful conclusion. That it arrives at such a believable ending is a tribute to the acting and directing craft that went into this piece. And where else can you get all this for the (seriously) low price of $15!!!

Extended, so don't miss out!

DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA is an intense evening that explores relationships and how much damage can be done to a person's psyche and soul. Is there hope of finding love? The Seeing Place answers that question with intensity and commitment. The volume of words alone should be off-putting, but these actors are so committed that the words fly by as we watch them slowly peel away the scars and scabs on their hearts. It's a full evening's ride in an hour and ten minutes. Be glad they have been able to offer another week of viewing! Go and support indie theatre!


This was a truly beautiful production. The performances from both of the actors were so bravely and intimately shared. There was no shying away from the heavy stuff here- just two specifically and deeply explored human beings fluidly existing onstage. It was really something special.

darker shades of pale...

I took in the Seeing Place Theatre's production of "The Lover"/"Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" and would recommend it heartily. An interesting juxtaposition of two takes, on both sides of the pond, of the gamesmanship played in Eros and Aphrodite. Love and lust, the interplay 'tween, and the fears and trust tested therein. I enjoy Pinter, and his wordscape, and it's interesting to endeavour to discern where these characters truth lies in their "playtime". Deeply felt characterisations in "Danny...", where both Cronican and Walker get into the skin of their portraits, to allow the universal humanity of their surface flawed characters to be perceived, and empathy arises, where once judgement may have shrouded the ache beneath. There are a number of touching moments, as one sees the promise of redemption break through the dawn of the new day, to leave the dark night of their souls as prelude to the hope we all trust awaits us still. Congrats on these fine thespians in bringing this to life/light, whilst retaining the requisite darkness their journey has necessitated. Having already seen a number of fine productions of this pleasantly priced troupe, I look forward to further forays in their realms theatric..... Bruce Nicholls www.brucenicholls.net

Don't miss

The Seeing Place keeps the art of live theatre accessible to ANYONE. This is a chance to visit a new classic, for less than the price of a movie ticket. The moving power of this "Danny" stayed with me through to the next morning. The acting is terrific, and Seeing Place's dedication to excellent storytelling shines through. Why would you not go?!!

Bravo Once Again

Every time I see a Seeing Place Theater production, I am amazed at what they do. Part of me is sick and tired of telling them how brilliant they are! But where praise is desrved, it must be given. Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican set the stage on fire as they portray various tormented souls in two very different worlds. Both plays allow us to see how wonderuflly versatile and committed these actors are. I love Danny and the Deep Blue Sea in particular. It can be easy to make their characters unlikeable by how rough and carnal Roberta and Danny are. Yet like true geniuses they do deeper (no pun intended) and show the vulnerability and profound needs of their roles. We end up rooting for their love rather than merely observing two messed up people trying to live. Its very human and very real. It is Voureyism. Simplified. Simply stunning and yet another great piece of theater

Definitely worthwhile

After seeing the Seeing Place Theater's production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, I felt compelled to share. Let me start off by saying, as an actor, I know that this is not an easy script, dealing with two tortured souls. I highly commend both actors, Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker, for their dynamic performances. I especially give Brandon kudos for being one hundred percent committed to the role of Danny and skillfully taking us, the audience, on the journey to redemption. I recommend seeing this production as well as SPT’s companion piece, The Lover.


This is a very moving production, with wonderful performances by Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker. Both this show and its companion piece, Pinter's The Lover, were excellently presented by The Seeing Place Theater. Definitely worth seeing!