Dance of the Seven-Headed Mouse

Opened Jun 23, 2009
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The fault lines are exposed when a seemingly picture-perfect Fifth Avenue family faces the harshest of realities -- the death of their daughter. A father turns to work to drown his sorrow, while his wife drifts into a haze of pills and booze. When their surviving child Avril inexplicably drops out of her prestigious New England boarding school, her roommate Juliana arrives for a visit, determined to lure her back. Acting as a catalyst and witness, Juliana exposes the gaping cracks in the family's Upper East Side façade, forcing its three surviving members to engage with one another and the tragedy they share. Dance of the Seven-Headed Mouse is a tale of love, loss, and acceptance from Carole Gaunt, award-winning author of the memoir, Hungry Hill.


Dance of the Seven-Headed Mouse - Jun 23, 2009

Joseph Adams, Molly Ephraim, et al. Set for Dance of the Seven-Headed Mouse - May 28, 2009

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