Cupid and Psyche



The Imagination Company presents the New York Premiere of the new musical Cupid and Psyche with book & lyrics by Sean Hartley and music by Jihwan Kim, directed by Timothy Childs and choreographed by Devanand Janki. Cupid and Psyche is a mythical musical about a boy, a girl and his mother. This new musical tells the comic tale of a forbidden romance and the thwarted efforts of Venus, the goddess of love, as she tries to come between her son Cupid and the bright and beautiful mortal Psyche. Here's what the critics say: "The show has a fantastic four-person cast [that's] instrumental in making Cupid and Psyche the crowd-pleaser that it definitely is..." --THEATERMANIA "Laura Marie Duncan is currently giving one of the most bravura star-turns on any New York stage..She's absolute perfection the kind of va-va-voom figure that causes straight men to walk into walls...Cupid & Psyche is indisputably a gift from the gods!" --(NEXT "It's ambitious for a musical theater team to both entertain and hit?high notes artistically speaking, and Sean Hartley and Jihwan Kim have hit both targets dead center...Cupid and Psyche is seriously good stuff..." --SHOW BUSINESS "Go see Cupid and Psyche! Escape the chaos of your day and remember that love is in the air... breathe it in." --nytheater


Cupid and Psyche - Sep 24, 2003

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