Cool Blues

Opened Mar 20, 2011
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It is 1955. B is a black jazz musician so renowned and innovative that he only needs a single initial to identify him. We join him as he shows up unannounced to spend a fateful weekend in the apartment of, Baroness Alexandra Isabella von Templeton (Xan), one of the world's richest women. His manner and his mood shifts are as mercurial as his music. His talent at deception and self defense as agile as his ability to charm. Questions of loyalty, love, privilege, and friendship are probed as the ghosts of B's past and present demand answers. Xan vows to protect him at all costs, even if it means ignoring the advice of the doctor summoned to attend to him. Does B want to be saved? Can he be? Has he come to recuperate from recent disastrous events in order to soar into the world again, or has the burden of being a cutting edge spirit in the war against conformity and racial prejudice taken its ultimate toll?

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Cool Blues - Mar 21, 2011

Woodie King Jr's New Federal Theatre Announces Cast for Bill Harris' Cool Blues - Feb 15, 2011

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