Completeness, an early review ...

I saw the show early in previews, and was very taken with the true romance of its two very cerebral partners and their multi-faceted friends ... The play was an ode to smart people, who occasionally do it better and meet cuter than most ... Sadly, the show was significantly weighed down by its own cleverness or control-alt-deleteness, which occurred late in the second act. Playwrighting hubris has never been more ambitiously exemplified by the theatrical overkill employed to so little dramatic affect -- as I cared much more about the potentiality of their human completeness instead of watching their forced artificial division. that fortunately only delayed a still very compelling final scene .... In any event, I saw the show BEFORE the cast change, and I can only hope that the new actor is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the actor who was replaced, as the gentleman I saw gave an utterly charming and heartfelt performance ...


This is a neat revolving play which may be a bit over-written. The premise is interesting in its exploration of the intersection of science and computing and the metaphorical reflection on human relationships. The detailed exploration of the particular scientific and computer theories take up an unnecessary amount of the dialogue and can become a bit tiresome at times. The acting is good and the characters are believable even when playing multiple roles. The set is clever and very appropriate. There are quite a few funny lines and amusing situations but the whole would have more punch if it was a bit shorter. It is certainly worth seeing, though.