Clytemnestra's Tears

Opened May 17, 2007
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Greece's Persona Theatre Company brings its internationally acclaimed production of Clytemnestra's Tears, written & directed by Avra Sidiropoulou and performed by Themis Bazaka, to La Mama E.T.C. A one-woman lamentation, Clytemnestra's Tears is based on the primal myth of the House of Atreus and the archetypical female character of Clytemnestra. In a dangerous landscape in which she quivers with desire and remembrance, Clytemnestra relives the tragic moments of her life: her daughter Iphigenia's sacrifice, the separation from her children and the murder of Agamemnon, her husband. In an attempt to atone for her crimes in the eyes of her children, her people, the gods and ultimately the spectators, she must confront the relentless chase of the Furies. It is in the sound of their footsteps that she recognizes and embraces her darkest fate.

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