Bronte: A Portrait Of Charlotte

1hr. 55min. (1 intermission)


BRONTË A Portrait of Charlotte is an award-winning biographical treatment written by William Luce, based on correspondence between Charlotte and her childhood friend and confident, Ellen Nussey. The play takes place in the course of a single day, on Charlotte's arrival home at Haworth, after burying the last of her siblings, her beloved sister Anne in Scarborough. She is faced with the daunting possibility that love might never find her, that she will never find time to write again and that she will remain a prisoner in the bleak parsonage at Haworth caring for her aging father. Through it all, we gain insight into the brilliance of this woman and her family, her timeless sense of humor and the sadness of a life that had endless possibilities. The play recently enjoyed a successful limited run at Theatre 511. It plays an extended run at the Actor's Temple. Irish-born actress Maxine Linehan once again takes on the tour de force role made famous by legendary American actress, Julie Harris. BRONTË is a presentation of alloy theater company.

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PHOTO FLASH: Isiah Whitlock, Jr. Visits BRONTË A Portrait of Charlotte - May 22, 2012

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