Broke Wide Open Venue and Location

The YOW! Theater
354 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036
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The YOW! Theater

354 W 45th St New York, NY 10036


Around the World in 80 Days
The Sweet Dreams of Lizzie Tilley
Red Valley
Gravity: A Vintage Affair
Broke Wide Open
Broke Wide Open
If You Start a Fire [Be Prepared to Burn]
Madam Fury's Traveling Show
Stand Tall
Swing State
My Perfect Pet
Le Cabaret Grimm
Picture Incomplete, a one man musical! starring Trent Armand Kendall
Flambe Dreams
Part of It All
Welcome to America
Prisoner of Love
Beth Malone...So Far
Miss Kim
Butterfly's Trouble
Grandpa Was A Bachelor
Fairy Tale
The Complaint
A Stain Upon the Silence
True West
The Spoken Word Almanac Project
Much Ado About Nothing
Rock On!
South Pathetic
The End Of The Year As We Know It with Scott Blakeman
The Last Smoker In America
All Fall Down
Rainbow Around the Sun
F#@king Up Everything
Live! Nude! Girl!
Moisty the Snowman Saves Christmas
Whatever Man
Max Understood
R.R.R.E.D: A Secret Musical
The Greenwood Tree
Crimes of the Heart
Dis/Connections 3X Dennis Bush
Obama Drama: A Political Theatrical Spectacular!
We All Fall Down
My Favorite Animal
The Show Might Go On
Harm's Way
The Fancy Boys Follies
Jason & Ben
Villa Diodati
The Road to Ruin (The 1928 Exploitation Musical)
Heaven in Your Pocket
The Gay Agenda
I Love you, Madam President
Max and the Truffle Pig
Fairy Tale
Lights & Music
THE MEANING OF LIFE...and other useless pieces of information
Epitaph For George Dillon
American Girls
Durang Durang
Goldberg Street
Fugitive Songs
Jane Eyre
My Life On The Craigslist
Wanda's World
The Rev. Bill and Betty Hollands' Interfaith Christmas Show
Miss White House
Halloween Gala Benefit
Defending the Caveman
Love of a Pig
Mrs. Barry's Marriage
With Glee
Mud Donahue & Son
Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood
Love Kills
The Boy in the Bathroom
The Cousins Grimm
Die Hard: The Puppet Musical (NYMF)
Billionaires Forever!
Idol: The Musical
The Second Tosca
Hey You, Light Man
To Paul
Damn It! I'm Latino and My Skin Is Black!
Considering Lear
The Waiting Room
Avenue X
My Secret Garden
The Tempest
Defending the Caveman
All Too Human: An Evening With Clarence Darrow
A First Class Man
J.O.B. The Hip-Hopera
Three Sides
The Man in My Head
Baby Wants Candy
Desperate Measures
Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy: Where's the Moon?
Blue Lou and the Bullyfish
I Come in Peace and Bootleg Islam
The Happy Idea
Let's Face It
The Dorothy Strelsin Fresh Ink Readings 2006
At This Performance...
The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun
The Debate Plays
Oh, Lady! Lady!
Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes Love
Dread Awakening
Mademoiselle Modiste
A Fire Inside
Grown Ups
The Black Bird Returns
Lost Tribe
Soul to Keep (One Festival)
Wild Rice (One Festival)
I Need A Guy Who Blinks (One Festival)
Pentecostal Wisconsin (One Festival)
Jazz Desert (The Life and Death of an American Band) (One Festival)
The Accidental Pervert (One Festival)
Creation (One Festival)
Good News
The High Life
The View From Here (NYMF)
You Might As Well Live (NYMF)
Camille - BroadwayUSA! (NYMF)
Broadway USA! - Camille (NYMF)
6 Women With Brain Death (NYMF)
It Came From Beyond (NYMF)
Project Footlight: Wrong Number (NYMF)
Serenade the World (NYMF)
Endings and Beginnings (NYMF)
Rooms (NYMF)
Merrily We Roll Along
Drat! The Cat!
The Beauty Prize
The Chocolate Soldier
Bye, Mom! Or, How Not to Bury Your Mother
This Is Our Youth
Low Brow (And a Little Bit Tacky)
Goy Vey!
One Festival
You've Never Done Anything Unforgivable
Searching for Soula
Second Lady
Everyday Diva
Love's Promise
Meet Me in St. Louis
At This Performance...
Ozfest 2004
A Hundred Years into the Heart (NYMF)
The Eyes Are the First Thing to Go (NYMF)
The Taxi Cabaret (NYMF)
Ducks and Lovers (NYMF)
Enchanted Cottage (NYMF)
And the Earth Moved (NYMF)
The Next Big Broadway Musical (NYMF)
Joe Starts Again (NYMF)
Emma (NYMF)
4th Interval's Dark Night Series
Marry Me A Little
The Diary of Adam and Eve
The Journals of Mihail Sebastian
un becoming
Anticipating Heat
Lessons I've Learned As a Man That I Will Tell My Son
Joe Starts Again
Snippets: Which Way to Broadway
Snippets: Which Way to Broadway
Much Ado About Nothing (Point of You)
Prince Hal
At Sea Between the Wars
The Ninth Circle
A Magic Place in a New Time
Almost Asleep