Break Out

Opened Sep 23, 2008
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The extreme dance comedy Break Out will make its New York premiere, directed by Jun-Beom Juen. Written and created by SevenSense Inc., the piece offers some of the world's most talented dancers performing jaw-dropping choreography in a live stage show that combines hip-hop, gymnastics, yoga, slapstick and more. The mostly nonverbal dance comedy tells the tale of a night-in-the-life of a group of desperate prisoners whose nightmare existence changes beyond belief when an ancient and sacred text mysteriously drops into the prison. This mysterious arrival inspires the inmates to plan a daring escape into the outside world, where they are able to enjoy a brief, and hilarious, moment of freedom. Featuring a cast of nuns, nurses and break-dancing villains in the craziest jail break of all time, Break Out is a fun-packed, madcap night out featuring top quality performers, including some of Korea's leading B-Boys from internationally winning crews such as Drifters Crew (Battle of the Year 2006 Finalists), Gamblers Crew (Battle of the Year 2005 Finalists) and Maximum Crew.


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Break Out to Play Union Square Theatre - Aug 25, 2008

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