Black Angels Over Tuskegee

2hr. 35min. (1 intermission)



Black Angels Over Tuskegee was a true pleasure. The story and stellar acting combined to touch the soul. Im taking my son who is studying acting to see it. Im positive that he will enjoy the acting and learn about a significant part of U.S.history.

Wonderful - a must see

We saw three plays this past weekend for our semi-annual trip to NYC and this was the best of the three. The play had depth, humor, sadness, history -- and it was very moving to shake the hands of the actors at the end of the show. While we loved the small, intimate theatre, this play should be on Broadway.


I took my mom, 19 year old sister & 16 year old brother to see this show. We all loved and appreciated the story being told & the incredible acting these men portrayed. Loved every moment of it. Im sending my dad & stepmom to see it for their anniversary. I would definitely see it again.

RE:Deserving Angels!

Black Angels Over Tuskegee was wonderful! I loved the historical storyline and thoroughly enjoyed how the show revealed itself on stage. Each of the characters had an intriguing personal history filled with equal amounts of humor and emotion. The show definitely tugged at my heartstrings and I dabbed at my eyes a few times while peeking at my neighber to see if she was equally affected. The cast of actors was as diverse as they were talented and mingled freely with the audience after the show. This warm interaction added to the beauty of this intimate production. I would personally have liked to see a livelier stage setting but Ive already recommended this show to others and would gladly see it again.