Opened Nov 20, 2009
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Lots of Fun!!!

This is the most fun Ive had at the theater in ages. Tracy Shane is incredible in the lead, as are all the supporting actors.The cast is superb in bringing the timeless play to life-- under the guiding hand of the plays director, Pamela Moller Kareman. Ive seen the play 3 times and would absolutely go back a 4th time. The writing is so multi-layered that I find new reasons to laugh with each viewing. A must-see!

See This Biography

I saw Behrmans Biography not knowing what to expect and was thoroughly entertained. From the set, to the costumes, to the cast Biography was warm and witty. I especially enjoyed the composer, played by Tyne Firmin, who gave the most genuine portrayal aside from Tracy Shayne as Marion Froude. Id go see this if I were you!


I didnt think a play from the 30s would be my cup of tea. Boy, was I wrong. This production was wonderful. Most of the cast were new to me, but that didnt matter, they were all fantastic; and really funny. Im a big fan of Tracy Shayne after this. Its all about her!!! P.S. Simon MacLean is soooooooooo cute!


I loved this show. The cast is terrific and they had me laughing my @#$ off. I have seen actress Cheryl Orsini play the vamp to great effect many times, but she blew me away with her performance as the German maid. I almost didnt recognize her. This show is the perfect play for the holiday season.