Opened Oct 7, 2005
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The Irish Repertory Theatre opens its 2005-2006 season with the world premiere adaptation of Beowulf, directed by Charlotte Moore. Saturday Night Live's musical director Lenny Pickett (Composer/Lyricist) and Lindsey Turner (Lyricist) have adapted this epic tenth century poem into a twenty first century ritualistic rock opera. Fiery dragons, magic swords and severed heads populate this epic sixth century tale of Beowulf; a fierce and romantic young warrior who arrives on a foreign shore seeking to repay its king for saving his father's life. This brave and sometimes foolish young prince hopes to return the favor whilst enhancing his reputation and gaining treasure for his king. But first, the demon, Grendel and his monster-woman mother must be challenged and slaughtered! As Beowulf, mortally wounded is sent out to sea in a flaming funeral pyre, we hear the pure tones of a Celtic harpist relating his legend to the ages.

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Beowulf - Oct 19, 2005

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