2hr. (1 intermission)


RE:A Good, But Not Great, Production of Frayn's Play

Overall, this is a clean, sharply delineated production and it provides a satisfying evening?s entertainment. All four actors turn in good performances and the director, Carl Forsman, has done a creditable job. But I was mildly disappointed. The first act drags a bit and it is not really until the second act, an hour into the production, that I truly felt engaged. I have seen other productions of this work that I have enjoyed more including, most recently, Retro Production?s Off Off Broadway revival at the Spoon Theatre last Fall which I found to be earthier, more gut-wrenching and passionate. But that ought not dissuade you from seeing this one which is still a worthwhile production in its own right. I have posted an expanded review of this play and of several other plays on my blog