Beauty on the Vine



Inspired by a chance encounter with rocker Courtney Love, Zak Berkman's Beauty On The Vine is a romantic fable about the power of the human face in an age of extreme plastic surgery. Sweet calls himself a "mutt." Is he Black? Native? Croate? He doesn¹t know his parents, where he's from, or if he ever had a name. But he finds his home when he falls in love with Lauren Chickering, a fast-rising star of right-wing radio who knows exactly who she is and how she wants to change America. Lauren wants to inspire girls of the Lindsay Lohan generation to become involved in the Republican Party, but her success has also inspired a series of events that leads to a brutal murder. Trying to understand the motive and meaning of Lauren's death, Sweet joins Lauren's father, Daniel, on a journey through the looking glass into a highly disturbing Wonderland where appearances are always deceiving. The cast features Helen Piper Coxe, Barbara Garrick, Howard Overshown (Yellowman) and Jessica Richardson. Scenic Design is by Narelle Sissons, Lighting Design is by Justin Townsend, Sound Design is by Ryan Rumery and Costume Design is by Gabrielle Berry. David Schweizer directs.

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Beauty on the Vine - Apr 28, 2007

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