Balls...the Musical?

1hr. 20min.
Opened Dec 7, 2011
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What does one get when combining two college baseball players, a surfer, a mixed martial artist, a pretty boy, a piano, and a proscenium? Balls...The Musical?!?! Take an unruly quintet of testosterone laden performers; brilliant talent on the piano, add in the reinterpretation of a few old musical theater "chestnuts", and POW! you get a hilarious hour and a half of entertainment! Bridged with heartfelt moments, Balls unabashedly celebrates its own inappropriateness. Sooo...Buckle your seatbelts and join us as we examine the role of the straight male in musical theatre!

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Balls...the Musical? to Close Off-Broadway December 18 - Dec 15, 2011

Balls...the Musical? to Play Lion Theatre in December - Nov 23, 2011

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