Baby Universe: A Puppet Odyssey

Opened Dec 1, 2010
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Sometime in the future, a government program to save the population of an unnamed, dying planet in a dying universe is furiously underway. The sun is in his final days; the planets are scorched and have abandoned hope. The few remaining souls live primarily in bunkers and have resorted to cannibalism. Destruction looms imminent. In a race against the clock, scientist-generated baby universes are being placed in the care of lonely spinsters in the hope that one might nurture to maturity a savior - a baby universe capable of birthing a planet that can support the relocation of the entire population. An original piece presented with over 30 puppets, 5 actors/puppeteers, masks, a robot, animated video projection and a space-age score, Wakka Wakka spins the bizarre tale of Baby Universe.


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Baby Universe: A Puppet Odyssey - Dec 5, 2010

Wakka Wakka to Present Baby Universe (A Puppet Odyssey) - Nov 11, 2010

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