Around the World in 80 Days



Most hysterical show!

This is a must see for sure! Absolutely hysterical group! It will have you talking about the show long after you leave the theatre!! Jimmy Ray Bennett deserves an award! He plays about 15 characters in a two hour show and each one has a distinct accent, personality, even their own walk! His delivery is genius! Stephen Guarino and John Gregorio each have a character that is their "main" role, however they do bring in other characters/personalities and you almost forget they were just playing someone else. Its a great illusion, probably because these actors are beyond talented! Shirine Babb, you go girl! Her sex appeal oozes off the stage and you just fall in love with her instantly! Bryce Ryness commands the stage and leads the show from beginning to end! His staunch Englishman persona gives the show an aire of sophistication when mixed with his humorous cast-mates. The scenery was brilliantly crafted and makes use of the small space. The lights, sound and projections are aspects you don't expect for off-broadway. The costumes are incredible (again not what you expect from off-broadway). Rachel Klein (Director) you have brought out the best in this cast! Bravo to you and cheers to your future success! GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!!