Another American: Asking and Telling



RE:Another American: Asking and telling

This production was seen on 8/23/10 in the DR2 Theater Union Square NYC: This production is a full 2 hours inclusive of a 10 minute intermission and although I did watch the time I could have listened to more. The re-created interviews, performed by Marc Wolf, portray a fair representation of all sides of the story by allowing the audience to listen to the opinions of homosexuals, pro-gay military supporters, parents and even homophobes without expressing any opinions of his own or swaying the opinions of the audience. Instead he allows you to interpret all the data and come up with your own conclusions similar to what you experience in the play about Matthew Shepards death. With the current administration trying to adopt a new ?Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell? policy this topic is as current and relevant today as when he conducted his first interview in the late 90?s. The only thing that could have made the piece better would have been had he been able to convey the constant internal conflict that every gay military member feels while wanting to serve this great country while wanting to be themselves, but knowing that they will be prosecuted if they do. This show is well worth the time, well worth the money and will lead to discussions for many years to come. If you have the time catch this show before it ends its run.