An Error of the Moon



Better than it sounds

The set and costumes are great, the acting is good and the story even though you know the ending is very interesting. Dont hesitate to see it.

Error of the Moon

Yes, perhaps the script is a bit pedestrian and the action, of course, as specified, speculative. However, it was an interesting speculation and one which was based on a reasonable interpretation of the facts. I thought the acting was good even with some deficiences of the script. The set and staging were also good. I think it is worth attending to learn more about an interesting family in US history.

Oh No.

Idiotic writing, terrible performances and a play that drags and drags for 90 minutes. Are they dead? Are they alive? Both at once? Who cares? The play is called " a speculation," but the only thing not speculative is dull it is. Good set, though.

RE:Not an Error to Go to This Play

Powerful play, excellent performances!