Alone in Triptych

1hr. 5min.
Opened Mar 13, 2014
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Alone in Triptych is an alternately thrilling, disturbing, and darkly humorous journey that investigates the hidden connections between three people who are linked by their aloneness. Remi, Lori and Leeann, exist in separate simultaneous stories: Remi in Lancashire, Lori in Bavaria, and Leeann in Eastern New Jersey. In each of their worlds, mythology collides with the modern world to reveal an intimate poetic universe filled with vivid imaginary, haunting music, and a heightened poetic language both poignant and profound, blurring what is unspoken and spoken, and incorporating a triumphant vigor of spirit into a group theatre event of intense, intimate revelations.

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Alone in Triptych - Mar 18, 2014

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