Allergic to Ambition

0hr. 40min.


"When you hear police sirens in the neighborhood you know this woman has just ended a relationship. Presenting April Brucker: Superfoxxx of Standup." This is the intro of standup comedian, ventriloquist, actress and writer April Brucker in her new one woman show Allergic to Ambition. The show details Brucker's experience with a terrible breakup from an abusive ex-fiance, the jobs she has worked, her dysfunctional family, working the twelve steps, and ultimately finding herself. With her she has lookalike puppet sidekick May Wilson who is her roommate. May is always horny, looking for a fat wallet, and wants to be a reality TV star. Allergic to Ambition is a journey of someone transforming from a hot mess to a hot young woman. It is an event that will have you laughing and splitting your sides and proving that yes, laughter is the best medicine.

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