All New People



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Braffs new play, though a valiant effort, leaves a lot to be desired, starting with the actors. From Krysten Ritters awful attempt at an English accent to Justin Barthas incomprehensible choices, All New People looks more like an underwritten sitcom pilot than a work of any theatrical merit. Braff commits the ultimate writing error, ie writing about things you have little to no experience with it. For example, long stretches of the play involve heavy drug and alcohol consumption. Not only are the actors hardly impaired by their indulgences, the attitudes and conversations of those with the addiction problems are far from plausible. The same goes for the main character, Bartha, an air traffic controller who is committing suicide. An air traffic controller? Honestly? How many air traffic controllers have you actually met in your life? Its doubtful that Braff has ever met one. Better yet, he is renting the posh beach house of a very wealthy stockbroker. How many air traffic contr

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Did you notice all the other so-called reviews are not reviews but wish lists? Well, I saw this a few weeks back. Like almost everyone over 50 in the audience I, too, was disappointed. The actors did their best, I must admit. The stage setting was nice, though some stage movements were unprofessional and distracting. But the real problem is the script. It was full of unnecessary four-letter words and vulgar explanations, which are really quite unnecessary for a mature audience. Its a pity a cheap script spoiled a good evening.


I will see this show in August. My NY friends love it. Yay!

Great story.

Im looking forward to this show. Go Zach!

RE:Great story.

Im looking forward to this show. Go Zach!