Adding Machine

Opened Feb 25, 2008
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Grimly comic and heartbreakingly beautiful, Adding Machine tells the story of Mr. Zero, a nameless cog in American business, as he journeys through life, death, and an afterlife romance in the Elysian Fields. After twenty-five years of exemplary work, Mr. Zero finds that his pencil and paper efforts have been replaced by a mechanical adding machine. In a rage, Mr. Zero decides to exact revenge by murdering his boss. A modern and eclectic score gives passionate and memorable voice to this stylish and stylized production.

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Adding Machine to Close July 20 - Jun 30, 2008

Adding Machine to Record Original Cast Album April 14 - Apr 2, 2008

Adding Machine - Feb 25, 2008

Complete Cast Announced for Off-Broadway's Adding Machine - Dec 20, 2007

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