A Very Common Procedure

1hr. 10min.
Opened Feb 14, 2007
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A husband, his wife, and her doctor take a crash course in the workings of the human heart. Carolyn Goldenhersch begins an extra-marital affair with Dr. Anil Patel that takes them from Indian restaurants in Queens to Jewish delis on the Lower East Side. Not an unusual New York story, until you find out how they met. A Very Common Procedure, by Courtney Baron, is a hard-hitting yet surprisingly funny journey of self-discovery. In facing the horrific moment that has brought them together, these three New Yorkers must come to a final confrontation in which faith, love and truth are tested. Michael Greif (Grey Gardens, Rent) directs. Added perf on Monday, Feb 12 @ 7; no perf on Thursday, Feb 15. Talkbacks on Feb 20, Feb 27, March 6

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