A Strange and Separate People

1hr. 30min.
Opened Jul 19, 2011
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A Strange and Separate People is an emotionally rich play. An Upper West Side young Orthodox couple, Jay and Phyllis, have managed to find a precarious equilibrium in their complicated personal and religious lives. However, that delicate balance is severely tested when Stuart, a doctor who is handsome, cocky, strangely charismatic gay man who is newly Orthodox, invades their lives. These are three intelligent, opinionated people who have a deep love of their religion AND an enormous love of learning and questioning even authority points of view. At times these separate loves ferociously clash in a contemporary story of betrayal and new beginnings.


Jonathan Hammond, Tricia Paoluccio, Noah Weisberg Set for A Strange and Separate People - Jun 29, 2011

Jon Marans' A Strange and Separate People to Begin Off-Broadway Run in July - May 17, 2011

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