A Little Journey



Don't miss this one

If you can catch this before it closes, by all means do it!! The costumes, sets and direction are top notch and the acting is superb. Broadway quality in an intimate Off Broadway setting, this play is not to be missed.

RE:A Long Overdue Revival of a Wonderful Play

The Mint Theater has done a truly first rate job across-the-board with this revival ? in casting, set design, direction, costuming, performances - you name it. This is one terrific production which can be enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation of theatre but most especially by those whose tastes run more to the traditional than to the avant garde. Set in 1914 inside a Pullman sleeping car bound from New York City for the Pacific Coast, A Little Journey is an inspirational comedy focusing on the relationships that develop among ten travelers thrown together on a four day transcontinental railroad trip; the fundamental decency of human nature; the redemptive power of love, labor, and caring for others; and second chances. The play?s story line is rather predictable although there are some surprises and plot structure is not its great strength. Rather, its value resides in its allowing us to tread familiar ground so well, bringing us close to the edge of clich? but never quite pushing us over it, and providing us with an opportunity to share the play?s characters? most human experiences. This is a play with more than a dozen wonderful roles and the entire cast does an exemplary job of bringing all of them to life. I have posted an expanded review of this play and reviews of several other plays on my blog www.aseatontheaisle.blogspot.com.