A Dangerous Personality

2hr. (1 intermission)
Opened Jun 11, 2008
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She explored Tibet, fought with Garibaldi, rode across India on the back of an elephant, was friends with Thomas Edison - a terror to the establishment, and a nightmare to the British Raj. Russian-born spiritualist and philosopher Helena Blavatsky lived everywhere from London to India to Hell's Kitchen - and remains one of the most controversial figures in world religion. With her colleague, Henry Steele Olcott, she created Theosophy - the Science of Religion, The Secret Doctrine - Christ without the Church. Her ideas are as timely and thought-provoking now as then, and her personality and life were imagined on a colossal scale. Sallie Bingham's new play brings this extraordinary woman, and her story to the stage.

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A Dangerous Personality - Jun 11, 2008

Anderson, Bostnar, McClintock, et al. Cast in A Dangerous Personality - Apr 15, 2008

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