A Cool Dip in the Barren Saharan Crick

2hr. 30min.


Not so Cool

I saw this show several weeks ago and hesitated posting a review because I wanted to enjoy it, but I didnt. Ive been reading work by this playwright for sometime and loved what I read so I was looking forward to finally seeing one of her shows. I was greatly disappointed. Though the subject matter was worthy, there was absolutely too much going on in this production, the cast didnt vibe well, the setting was horrible, the show was too long and when the cabinets started talking I thought Id lose my mind. Ive listened to Myria Lucretia Taylor on several audio tape presentations and loved her, but she was terribly miscast in the role of Pickle. The one saving grace was the character Abebe. My goodness, he was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise overbearing production. A cool dip was not cool at all, it was simply a lackluster production.

***Awesome play and a must see***

I loved the play and it was far from being boring. Maybe a little long but worth its time and money. Suitable for family and enjoyable for most. You are not just entertained by great actors but presented with powerful messages that remind us to appreciation the simple things of life such as water and love. I give it five stars for many reason but most of all it was well written.

Hot Mess

I give this play one star for the one character that kept me from falling asleep. I was bored in the first 5 minutes and it never got any better. Extraneous characters, pointless dialect, bad acting except for the same one actor noted above, bad writing, bad directing. I didnt care about the characters, or the story really, and if it werent for my mother, I would have left at intermission. Btw, Mom didnt like it either. The set was nice though.

RE:Surprisingly Powerful

Dont let the title throw you, though it does make sense. This is a powerful, well-written, well-acted production. It never stopped surprising and enthralling me until the very last moment. It is moving, powerful, and exciting. This is a Do Not Miss It Will Have Great Word Of Mouth show. Just trust me on this one.