4000 Miles

1hr. 45min.


Well written and acted but lacking dramatic impact

Given all the hoopla this play has received, I found it to be mildly disappointing. It is very much a mood piece, rather than a dramatic work and that’s not enough for me. To be sure, Amy Herzog has a wonderful ear for dialogue and she has created a terrific character in Vera Joseph (or at least recognized the theatrical potential in her own grandmother and brought her to life on the stage). And, without question, the acting, especially by Mary Louise Wilson, is absolutely delightful. But, at least for me, fine dialogue and professional acting aren’t enough. A good play requires a real story line that engages its audience as well and that, unfortunately, was what was lacking here. I have posted a longer review of this play and reviews of several other Broadway, off Broadway and off off Broadway plays on my blog www.aseatontheaisle.blogspot.com.