As You Like It

Opened May 18, 2003
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Shakespeare LIVE! closes its Afternoons with the Bard series, presenting adaptations of Shakespeare plays appropriate for ages 8 to 80, with As You Like It. In the play, a colorful cast of country dwellers, runaway princesses, and exiled nobles rendezvous in the forest of Arden seeking refuge, love, redemption and a good life. Rosalind, disguised as a young man, and her cousin, Celia, flee a tyrannical duke and venture forth to find Rosalind's banished father. Along the way, she meets the man of her dreams, only to find herself trapped in her boyish disguise. Add in a flirtatious shepherdess, a lovesick shepherd, a cynical courtier and the wittiest of clowns to create a joyous ode to love and redemption.