Thinking About Theater

Me, the World, and The Killer

Translate Ionesco, and who knows what planet you might wake up on.

Gilbert & Sullivan & ... the Marx Brothers? (Part II)

When artists argue about money, the argument's really about art.

Gilbert & Sullivan & ... Frankenstein?

A carpet for the theater lobby can cost a lot — in terms of friendships and careers.

Credits, or Credibility? (Part II)

Is that a star, or just a string of credits?

Credits, or Credibility?

With everyone hungry for the security of big names, does art stand a chance?

Connecting with Brecht (Part II)

Brecht's route from Stockholm to Berlin: via Helsinki, Hollywood, and Broadway.

Connecting With Brecht

Follow a great theater poet, and you can't tell where you'll wind up.

Lives, Saved or Lost (Part II)

Why art endures — and why artists should.

Lives, Saved or Lost

Two antithetical events prompt some somber reflections.

The Children's (Shining) Hour (Part II)

Rent and The Laramie Project rattle some educational institutions' nerves.