Theater News

Tom Schmid Comes to the Cabaret
Barbara & Scott Siegel are there as TOM SCHMID makes his solo cabaret debut.
TV, or Not TV?
David Finkle examines the increasing reliance on TV-star power to sell Broadway shows.
Dance Theater Hits Big
Big Dance Theater returns with Another Telepathic Thing; performer/director Paul Lazar talks about the unconventional company and its future.
Rush to Judgment
HEATHER RANDALL will take on the ghost of JUDY GARLAND in the National Actors Theater's Judgment at Nuremberg.
The Turkey Trot
Barbara Cook, Rex Reed, and Judy Kaye go on about Thanksgiving 2000.
Quick Wit: Cheryl Freeman
Now Living in the Wind, Freeman chats with Raven Snook about her scary neighbor and other subjects.
Frank Rich's Ghost Light
Charles Wright reviews the memoir of FRANK RICH, once known far and wide as the Butcher of Broadway.
There's a Light Over at the Frankenstein Place
Barbara & Scott Siegel flip over The Rocky Horror Show and chat with PETER FALK.
Flaherty & Ahrens: The Smarts of Making Art
Raven Snook talks with the composer-lyricist team about their careers in general and Seussical in particular.
Support Your Local Saloonkeeper
Here's to the ladies who lounge (CLEO LAINE, SIÂN PHILLIPS, JUDY KAYE, etc.) and the men who present them.