Theater News

LA Kids Spotlight: January '07
Family-friendly fare this month includes The Falcon Theatre's new kids-oriented musical comedy The Root Beer Bandits (January 20-March 25); the evergreen Broadway musical Annie at the Orange County Performing Arts Center (January 30-February 11); and the ever-busy Santa Monica Playhouse's new spin on old fairy tales called And Awaaay We Go to Wonderland! (January 30-February 11).
London Kids Spotlight: January '07
You've heard the expression "men are pigs," right? Well, this one happens to be an enchanted prince whom Princess Flora seeks to free from the evil spell before she marries him. Based on a Romanian folktale, The Enchanted Pig is a terrifically tuneful family show, presented by the Young Vic company (December 1-January 27).
Las Vegas Kids Spotlight: January '07
Forget the pricey pyrotechnics of Cirque du Soleil, and run over to Circus Circus to see amazing feats at The World's Largest Permanent Circus. Every half hour from 11am to midnight, every single day, world-renowned circus acts perform live. Different acts perform at each interval, so you can get hours of enchanting family-friendly entertainment for free.
DC Metro Kids Spotlight: January '07
The Olney Theatre Center in Maryland has extended its run of Cinderella thru January 7. This magical musical by the legendary Rodgers and Hammerstein started out as a TV special before becoming a stage musical.
Chicago Kids Spotlight: January '07
January offers competing versions of Homer's tale of the adventures of Ulysses, both of which are suitable for younger audiences. A highly visual adult version of The Odyssey by adaptor/director Mary Zimmerman has been cut down to family length and size by Lookingglass Theatre Company, where it's performed by an ensemble of adolescent actors (January 21-March 28), while Vittum Theatre offers The Search for Odysseus (January 27-February 18).
Hey There, Good Times
Judy Blazer, Franc D'Ambrosio, Jason Graae, Cady Huffman, Maude Maggart, Rita Moreno, Daphne-Rubin Vega, and Tom Wopat are among the stars lighting up the January nights.