Theater News

Standing? Oh!
Barbara & Scott watch Mickey and Jan Rooney put on a show, then they take in Isabel Rose's act at Makor.
Lunch with Richard Adler
Filichia dines with Richard Adler, who's still got heart -- and lots of great stories.
Follow Spot
Are different techniques really required to act in the theater as compared to film and television? Also: Michael Berresse on his newest venture, intriguingly called [title of show].
BC/EFA Flea Market and Grand Auction Set for 9/19
The 18th annual Broadway Flea Market and Grand Auction is set to take place on Sunday, September 19, 10am to 7pm. Held in Shubert Alley and its immediate vicinity, the event raises ...
Groenendaal, Nixon, and Rice in Ménage
Sarah Rice, Cris Groenendaal, and Marni Nixon Broadway veterans Cris Groenendaal, Marni Nixon, and Sarah Rice will share the spotlight in M
MT&R Announces "Musicals on Television" Screening Schedule
The screening schedule of the Museum of Television & Radio series "Musicals on Television," to be presented in conjunction with the New York Musical Theatre Festival, has been announ
Answer Me a Question
How well did you do on the 2004 Broadway University Entrance Exam?
In Medea Res
Medea in Jerusalem kills, Maureen McGovern holds court at Le Jazz Au Bar, and Laura Benanti and Gavin Creel do their stuff at Joe's Pub.
The Passion of Dracula
Tom Hewitt seduces Melissa Errico in Dracula, The Musical.
Title Search
Ethan Mordden should have found another title for his new book, but what would be a better choice?