The Wooster Group

Fate Leads Eric Berryman and Kate Valk to Tea Drunk in the East Village for The B-Side
A new production by the Wooster Group re-creates an album of African-American prison work songs.
Wooster Group's Early Shaker Spirituals, With Frances McDormand and More, Returns This Winter
The legendary theater troupe will also present a new work titled The B-Side.
Cry, Trojans!
The Wooster Group presents a Native American-themed Troilus and Cressida. What could go wrong?
Ari Fliakos, Scott Shepherd, Kate Valk to Perform in The Wooster Group's Hamlet
Scott Shepherd (© David Gordon) The Wooster Group will once again present a re-imagined version of Hamlet, October 24-November 11. Elizabeth LeCompte will direct the ...