The Tonight Show

Cabaret Will Be the First Broadway Production Featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
By Bethany Rickwald · Apr 2, 2014 · New York City

Emcee Alan Cumming and the Kit Kat band will perform "Willkommen" on an upcoming episode.

Turns Out That 30 Years Later Kevin Bacon Can Still Dance Like He Did in Footloose
By Bethany Rickwald · Mar 24, 2014 · New York City

Jimmy Fallon announces that dancing has been outlawed on The Tonight Show the same day Bacon is scheduled as a guest. What a mistake.

Broadway's Audra McDonald Joins Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to Class-Up Yahoo! Answers
By Bethany Rickwald · Mar 13, 2014 · New York City

From puppy auditions to Jimmy Fallon, the five-time Tony winner is having The Cutest Week Ever.

Foremost "Popular"-ity Expert Kristin Chenoweth Has Some Wicked Helpful Hints for Anthony Weiner
By Bethany Rickwald · Jul 31, 2013 · New York City
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno recently decided to address the Anthony Weiner sexting debacle head on — by inviting tiny musical-theater superstar and Tony Award winner Kristin ...