Speakeasy Stage Company

Terrence McNally's Mothers and Sons Completes SpeakEasy Stage Company's 2014-15 Season
By Hayley Levitt · Jun 19, 2014 · Boston

A revamped version of Broadway's Big Fish is also slated for the Boston theater's upcoming season.

By Carolyn Clay · May 16, 2014 · Boston

SpeakEasy scales down a king-size musical.

SpeakEasy Stage Company to Include Big Fish in Its 2014-15 Season Lineup
By Hayley Levitt · May 2, 2014 · Boston

The recent Broadway musical will be intimately reimagined at the Boston theater.

The Color Purple
By Carolyn Clay · Jan 21, 2014 · Boston

Alice Walker sings at SpeakEasy Stage.

The Art of Making Arts Voters: In Beantown, It Takes a Dab of Politician
By Hayley Levitt · Aug 9, 2013 · Boston
(photo courtesy of MASSCreative) New York voters recently got a taste of the potential changes a new mayor could make to the city's arts budget (for better or ...