Snapple Theater Center

Peter Reckell Revisits His Theater "Days" in The Fantasticks
The soap opera star brings 35 years of perspective to his second turn with the iconic musical.
Off-Broadway's The Fantasticks Won't Close After All
The long-running musical reverses its plan to end its run.
The Fantasticks, Off-Broadway's Longest-Running Musical, Is Closing
The production, now playing at the Snapple Theater Center, will close on the 55th anniversary of its opening.
Sit Down Shut Up & Eat Will Return to the Snapple Theatre Center
New York comedians Tina Giorgi, Joe Moffa, and more star in this comedy about four Italian-Americans.
Shut Up Sit Down & Eat
Italian-American stand-up comedy (or is it group therapy?) moves onto the set of Perfect Crime at the Snapple Theater Center.
Sit Down Shut Up & Eat to Play Off-Broadway's Snapple Theatre Center
The "plomedy" follows four Italian-Americans who take their issues into their own hands.
Grease's Max Crumm Will Be Fantastick Off-Broadway
The Broadway alum joins the cast of the long-running musical.
Real Estate Drama: The Trials and Tribulations of Building New Theaters in New York City
Catherine Russell and Jonathan Solari both want to build new theaters in the Big Apple, but they have very different ideas about how to do it.