Sheryl Kaller

Mothers and Sons
By David Gordon · Mar 24, 2014

Tyne Daly plays a grieving mother in Terrence McNally's new Broadway drama at the John Golden Theatre.

Sheryl Kaller on Mothers, McNally, and Billy Porter
By Iris Wiener · Mar 24, 2014

The director of Broadway's Mothers and Sons talks about the universality of Terrence McNally's latest play and hints at her next project, While I Yet Live, by Kinky Boots' Billy Porter.

Tyne Daly and the Cast of Broadway's Mothers and Sons Visit the San Remo on Central Park West
By David Gordon · Mar 13, 2014

Terrence McNally's new play is set in a similar apartment building in New York City.

Tyne Daly Brings Terrence McNally's Mothers and Sons to Life on Broadway
By Editorial Staff · Mar 11, 2014

A first look at the new drama, directed by Sheryl Kaller.

Too Much, Too Much, Too Many
By Hayley Levitt · Nov 20, 2013

Young playwright Meghan Kennedy contributes an understated portrait of love and loss to Roundabout Underground's seventh season.

Roundabout Theatre Company Will Present the World Premiere of Meghan Kennedy's Too Much, Too Much, Too Many This Fall
By Bethany Rickwald · Aug 9, 2013
Sheryl Kaller will direct this new play as a part of the Roundabout Underground season.