Michael Feingold

Staying Power and the Power to Leave (Part II)

Why a critic can — but mostly shouldn't — walk out at intermission.

Staying Power and the Power to Leave

Why shows can be — but shouldn't be — walked out of.

Talking of Turkeys (Part II)

How to tell a legendary disaster from a simple flop.

Talking of Turkeys

The holiday season summons recollections of flops past.

America's Greatest Woman Playwright (Maybe) (Part II)

Listening to Ruth Draper, actors and playwrights learn simple truths.

America's Greatest Woman Playwright (Maybe)

Dana Ivey, Darko Tresnjak, and other leading Broadway lights reflect on a trailblazing solo performer.

The American Theatre Wing Will Be the New Home for the Obie Awards

The Wing will now copresent the awards with The Village Voice.

Lear, There, and Everywhere (Part II)

Further reflections on a tormenting play.

Me, the World, and The Killer

Translate Ionesco, and who knows what planet you might wake up on.