La Mama

Horseplay: or, The Fickle Mistress, a Protean Picaresque
Theatre Askew reintroduces audiences to America's first mega-celebrity.
Tony Nominee Neil LaBute Joins La MaMa's 53rd Season Lineup
The environmentally minded season will also feature three international adaptations of Shakespeare's The Tempest.
Catherine Filloux's Selma '65 Set for World Premiere at La MaMa
The solo play explores stories of white civil rights activist Viola Liuzzo and FBI informant Tommy Rowe.
Bum Phillips All-American Opera
The late coach of the Houston Oilers comes out singing in this operatic tribute from composer Peter Stopschinski and Monk Parrots.
The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go!
La MaMa and Ma-Yi Theater Company take audiences on a wild sci-fi adventure through the galaxy.
Kids With Super Powers? Ma-Yi Theater Company Has Just That!
La MaMa brings the zany magical space voyage The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go! to audiences of all ages.
La MaMa 2013 Puppet Series to Take Place Over the Next Three Weeks
The lineup includes a variety of shows geared toward kids and adults.
La Mama's Shakespeare's Sister Playwright Irina Brook on Being a Mother, an Artist, and Heir to a Family Legacy
The daughter of famed English director Peter Brook assures us that her new play is "not just for middle-aged ladies."