Donna Lynne Champlin

NYMF 2015 Grand Jury Announced
By Editorial Staff · Oct 7, 2014

Michael Cerveris, Billy Porter, Donna Lynne Champlin, and more will help determine 2015's Next Link Shows.

NYMF 2014: Deployed; Somewhere With You; Valueville

This is TheaterMania's second roundup of reviews for the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Donna Lynne Champlin on Her Directorial Debut With NYMF's Valueville
By Zachary Stewart · Jun 20, 2014

No Exit meets A Chorus Line in a new show about big-box retail and metaphysics.

Almost, Maine
By Zachary Stewart · Feb 5, 2014

The sexually frustrated citizens of a fictional Maine town come back to New York in the off-Broadway revival of one of the world's favorite plays.

Work-week Interview #2: Donna Lynne Champlin
By Editorial Staff · Dec 13, 2012
TheaterMania chatted up the Working actress about a job that made her hands bleed.