Dixon Place

Gay Haiku, Written and Directed by Sam Perwin, to Debut at Dixon Place

Joel Derfner's book of poetry of the same name serves as the play's basis.

Robbie Robertson Adapts Sexploitation Film Satan in High Heels for the Stage
Robertson's new play will make its off-Broadway debut in a two-act staged workshop this fall.
The Further Adventures of the Accidental Pundette
CBS's Nancy Giles wades hilariously into the pool of America's burgeoning pundit-ocracy, and reveals it to be quite shallow.
Jason Blaine, Sam Soghor, Andrew MacLarty to Perform in Dixon Place's Missing Person(s)
Jason Blaine Dixon Place is set to present Megan Murtha's Missing Person(s), October 11-13. Conrad Kluck will direct.In the play, a whaler and a saint visit a town where ...