Burgess Clark

Fame Jr. Joins Boston Children's Theatre's Summer Season
By Hayley Levitt · Jul 1, 2014

Sixty-one local students are ready to start paying in sweat.

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Selects Boston Children's Theatre to Run Playwriting Program for Public School Students
By Hayley Levitt · Nov 12, 2013

BCT Artistic Director Burgess Clark will offer local Boston students a theatrical master class.

Boston Children's Theatre Artistic Director Burgess Clark to Pen New Play for BCT in the Childhood Home of William Inge
By Hayley Levitt · Aug 28, 2013
Clark will head to Independence, Kansas, this fall to start a playwriting residency program.
From Moles to Lobsters: Boston Children's Theatre Redefines its Genre for a New Generation of Theatergoers
By Hayley Levitt · Jun 24, 2013
"Children's theater, to me, is about meeting children everywhere they live, not just where we want them to live."—BCT Artistic Director Burgess Clark