Intimate Apparel
An African-American seamstress finds love in all the wrong places.
Rocket to the Moon
Clifford Odets' 1938 play feels like a blast from the past.
The Insurgents
Labyrinth Theater Company stages Lucy Thurber's tale of the connection between disenfranchisement and domestic terrorism.
Big Love
Charles Mee and Tina Landau catapult Aeschylus into the 21st Century at Signature Theatre Company.
Marie Antoinette
Steppenwolf delves into the huge hair and severed heads of the 1790s.
The Winter's Tale
The Pearl Theatre Company offers a bewildering staging of Shakespeare's already mystifying play.
The Second Girl
Playwright Ronan Noone takes us on a long day's journey into the lives of the Tyrone family's household staff, c. 1912.
You on the Moors Now
Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennet, and other literary heroines take love into their own hands.
The Groundling
Art imitates life imitating art in Marc Palmieri's new Bard-inspired play.
One Day
Michael Sottile's teenage rock musical Inappropriate gets a post-millennial face lift.