Where's Charley?
Noah Racey, Nili Bassman, and Kristin Huxholdin Where's Charley? (Photo © Diane Sobolewski) In a program note for the Goodspeed Mu
FringeNYC Roundup #1
Steven Fales inConfessions of a Mormon Boy(Photo © Pedro Portal) Confessions of a Mormon Boy Steven Fales has a great smile. In his solo performan
Brian Dykstra: Cornered & Alone
Brian Dykstra: Cornered & Alone(Photo © Gary Smoot) As the Republican National Convention approaches, more and more of the city's ...
Let's Put On A Show!
Jan and Mickey Rooney in Let's Put On A Show!(Photo © Judie Burstein/Globe Photos) Was Mickey Rooney the 20th century's most talen
The Triple Happiness
Ally Sheedy and Keith Nobbs in The Triple Happiness(Photo © Joan Marcus) Nostalgia for the 1980s runs rampant in Brooke Berman's
Wonder of the World
Molly Binder, Devon Campailla, and Chris Guthriein Wonder of the World(Photo © James Czar) Cincinnati's Know Theatre Tribe, best k
Eugene's Home
Kelly McAndrew and Arnie Burtonin Eugene's Home(Photo © Kevin Sprague) Is it permissible to take an uncharitable view of a play about charity? What if it'
Medea in Jerusalem
Rebecca Wisocky in Medea in Jerusalem(Photo © Benjamin Heller) Euripides's name is nowhere to be seen on the credit page in the Medea in Jerusalem
Blue Collar
Chris Whalen and Victoria Malvagno in "North Shore Fish"(Photo © John Beverly) Bobby Maloney has been coming to the same fish-p
Mrs. Farnsworth
Gerry Bamman and Leslie Lyles in Mrs. Farnsworth(Photo © Ginny Arcari) "With the election right around the corner, its time to spe