The Cure at Troy
Jolie Garrett in The Cure at Troy (Photo: Richard Termine) Philoctetes got one of the worst deals in all of Greek drama, right up there with the guy who was
Sorrows and Rejoicings
Charlayne Woodard and John Gloverin Sorrows and Rejoicings(Photo: Bruce Davidson) "I've had an appointment with the theme of exile for over 30 years," Athol ...
Peter and Wendy
Karen Kendal shares the stage with Captain Hook and Peter Pan in Peter and Wendy (Photo: Richard Termine) Mabou Mines, one of the na
One Man
Steven Berkoff(Photo: Snowdon) When actor/writer/director Steven Berkoff steps on to a bare stage to begin his One Man show, it's a good bet that the reason ...
Christopher Donahue and Jake Weber in Monster (Photo: Dixie Sheridan) Readers first encountering Mary Shelley's Frankenstein are often astonished to
The Guys
Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray in The Guys(Photo: CG Rubio, Egg the Arts Show, Thirteen/WNET) It's often said that holocausts are di
Boris McGiver and Erica N. Tazelin Cymbeline(Photo: Gerry Goodstein) Bartlett Sher, who distinguished himself directing Theatre for a New Audience's first-...
Mark Brey as Hedda Gabler in Speed-Hedda(Photo: Rob Nava) A gender-bending adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler may sound ...
Carson McCullers (Historically Inaccurate)
Barbara eda-Young and Jenny Bacon inCarson McCullers (Historically Inaccurate)(Photo: Joan Marcus) The title of Sarah Schulman's new play, Carson McCullers
No. 11 (Blue and White)
Joey Shea and Katie Walder in a publicityphoto for No. 11 (Blue and White)(Photo: Risa Korris) Alexandra Cunningham's No. 11 (Blue and White)--like ...