Zoot Suit and Nixon's Nixon
By Jonathan Abarbanel · Jul 17, 2000
The theater season once was a September-to-May affair, not counting summer stock barns and tents. But those days are gone. It's not just air conditioning that's made the urban ...
By Adam Klasfeld · Jul 13, 2000
From Tabletop A comedy about the production of a television fruit juice commercial. Sounds rather dry and technical, right? One would probably have to be
The Comedy of Errors and The Iliad
By Diane Snyder · Jul 13, 2000
From The Comedy of Errors A Shakespearean comedy and a Greek tragedy presented in rep. An ensemble theater company merging professional British and American
Eat the Runt
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Jul 12, 2000
Who's who in the cast?The ensemble of Eat the Runt If you want to be sure that the entertainment you choose to see on a Friday evening will be the same one ...
The Winter's Tale
By David Finkle · Jul 11, 2000
Keith David as Leontes (kneeling with child)Photo: Michal Daniel No matter how towering, how overpowering Shakespeare's tragedies, comedies, and histories are, they ...
The Flame Keeper
By Brooke Pierce · Jul 7, 2000
Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg In Amos Kamil's The Flame Keeper, which occurs shortly after the end of World War II, Dr. Julius Reiter (Lenny Mandel), a Jewish ...
By David Hurst · Jul 7, 2000
Robert Bartley (c) and the cast of Company(Photo by Richard Feldman) Company, the groundbreaking 1970 musical by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth, is ...
The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin
By Kathryn Walat · Jun 30, 2000
From The Bubbly Black Girl... Comedy has long been a favorite way for playwrights to touch on touchy topics--get an audience laughing, and before they know i
By Diane Snyder · Jun 28, 2000
Forget saving the children or documenting a war that has ravaged a nation. All the two central characters in Olga Humphrey's ambitiously flavorful new play F-St
Hotel Suite
By Michael Portantiere · Jun 28, 2000
Ron Orbach in Hotel Suite As the all-star gala salute Neil Simon at the Neil Simon proved on Monday, June 26, Simon is one of the greatest comedic ...