The Kvetching Continues
Arriving onstage at Joe's Pub in a glamorous fur coat, a shiny white turban, and a shimmering black dress, holding a yapping plush toy dog, Jackie Hoffman is ...
Five Flights
Jason Butler Harner, Alice Ripley, andLisa Steindler in Five Flights(Photo © Sandra Coudert) On the fifth day, God created birds. In Adam Bock's quirky ne
The Heiress
Michael Balsley and Kelly Ann Moorein The Heiress Although some people say you can't kill a good play, that's not really true. But it is true that, if an ...
Welcome to My Rash / Third
Bill Grimmette and Kathryn Grody in Welcome to My Rash(Photo © Stan Barouh) A rash that forms a question mark between a middle-age
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Thomas Derrah and Karen MacDonaldin A Midsummer Night's Dream(Photo © Richard Feldman) Is more than a dash of magic too much to as
Amir Darvish in Mercury(Photo © Paul Urban) Less than two minutes into Mercury: The Afterlife and Times of a Rock God, a one-man show about Queen's
House of No More
House of No More(Photo © Linsey Bostwick) Big Art Group's House of No More puts the "destruction" in deconstruction. This h
Talk Show Confidential
Bill Boggs in Talk Show Confidential(Photo © Laura Penney) Actor, writer, newscaster, producer, singer... Bill Boggs has just abo
High Heels & Red Noses
The cast of High Heels & Red Noses(Photo © Maike Schulz) The beginning of Bindlestiff Family Cirkus's latest production, High H
Will Gartshore, April Harr Blandin, and Laurie Saylor in Allegro(Photo © Carol Pratt) It's tempting to say at the outset that Sign