As You Like It
Rebecca Hall, Joseph Millson and cast in As You Like It(Photo © Nobby Clark) In a spate of pre-opening interviews about his decisi
Euan Morton as Boy George in Taboo(Photo © Joan Marcus) Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ira Gammerman made quick work of the Rosie O'Donnell case when he
Bright Ideas
Orlagh Cassidy, Paul Fitzgerald, and Seana Kofoed in Bright Ideas(Photo © Dixie Sheridan) When you write an unsuccessful play and
Adam Rapp Festival
Nocturne(Photo © Steve Hankins) Playwright Adam Rapp does a fascinating if uneven job of giving voice to the lives of disassociate
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Kerry O'Malley and Deven Mayin A Tree Grows in Brooklyn(Photo © Diane Sobolewski) When an outfit such as the Goodspeed Opera House announces a "revisal" o
Fame on 42nd Street
The cast of Fame on 42nd Street(Photo © Carol Rosegg) We're living in the boldface-name age, an era when people are famous for bei
Michele Pawk, Howard McGillin, and Richard Kind in Bounce(Photo © Liz Lauren) It's almost impossible to be "objective" in reviewin
The Caretaker
Kyle MacLachlan, Aidan Gillen, and Patrick Stewart in The Caretaker(Photo © Joan Marcus) Harold Pinter writes his plays with preci
Like I Say
Paula Ehrenberg and Matthew Dellapinain Like I Say(Photo © Terry Gruber) It's no news flash that, for many authors, writing is therapy. Nor is it news tha
The Violet Hour
Dagmara Dominczyk, Scott Foley, and Robert Sean Leonardin The Violet Hour(Photo © Joan Marcus) Only minutes into Richard Greenberg