Alvin Epstein and Kathryn Grody in Endgame Photo © Carol Rosegg Well-known actors have grabbed most of the media attention surrou
Anthony Mackie in McReele(Photo © Joan Marcus) In McReele, Stephen Belber asks the age-old question: Does the end justify t
On the Mountain
Amy Ryan and Ebon Moss-Bachrach in On the Mountain (Photo © Joan Marcus) "How do you not be depressed?" asks a character in Christopher Shinn's On the
Shockheaded Peter
Anthony Cairns and Tamzin Griffin inShockheaded Peter(Photo © Joan Marcus) If you think the Grimm fairy tales are creepy, you should see what old Dr. Hein
Hiding Behind Comets
Moira MacDonald and Dan Moran inHiding Behind Comets(Photo © Fouad Salloum) If you belly up to the bar at the 29th Street Rep, you'll learn everything you
Floyd Collins
Dana Reynolds and Bryce Rynessin Floyd Collins(Photo © Claudia Jaffee) Ever since musical theater began moving away from the once obligatory sunshine, rom
Happy Days
David Greenspan and Lea DeLaria in Happy Days (Photo © Carol Rosegg) Under the best of circumstances, Samuel Beckett's Happy D
We're Still Hot!
Jane Seaman, Deborah Jean Templin, Deirdre Kingsbury, and Marnee Hollis in We're Still Hot!(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Reunions are tr
The Lonely Way
Ronald Guttman and George Morfogenin The Lonely Way(Photo © Rahav Segev) "How little we all really know each other," Professor Wegrat says toward the end
The Member of the Wedding
Lynda Gravátt in The Member of the Wedding(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) The most exciting thing about the opening night performance of Ford's Theat