Shockheaded Peter
Anthony Cairns and Tamzin Griffin inShockheaded Peter(Photo © Joan Marcus) If you think the Grimm fairy tales are creepy, you should see what old Dr. Hein
Hiding Behind Comets
Moira MacDonald and Dan Moran inHiding Behind Comets(Photo © Fouad Salloum) If you belly up to the bar at the 29th Street Rep, you'll learn everything you
Floyd Collins
Dana Reynolds and Bryce Rynessin Floyd Collins(Photo © Claudia Jaffee) Ever since musical theater began moving away from the once obligatory sunshine, rom
Happy Days
David Greenspan and Lea DeLaria in Happy Days (Photo © Carol Rosegg) Under the best of circumstances, Samuel Beckett's Happy D
We're Still Hot!
Jane Seaman, Deborah Jean Templin, Deirdre Kingsbury, and Marnee Hollis in We're Still Hot!(Photo © Carol Rosegg) Reunions are tr
The Lonely Way
Ronald Guttman and George Morfogenin The Lonely Way(Photo © Rahav Segev) "How little we all really know each other," Professor Wegrat says toward the end
The Member of the Wedding
Lynda Gravátt in The Member of the Wedding(Photo © T. Charles Erickson) The most exciting thing about the opening night performance of Ford's Theat
The Confessions of Punch and Judy
Tannis Kowalchuk and Ker Wells in The Confessions of Punch and Judy (Photo © Raimundo) For the uninitiated: Punch and Judy shows
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Jason Danieley and Katherine Faye Barryin A Tree Grows in Brooklyn(Photo © Joan Marcus) Perhaps because the Broadway musical seaso
North Star
Donei Hall, Sequoia Forrest, and Miller Lucky, Jr. in North Star(Photo © G. Allen Aycock) Driving into Greensboro to see a fresh p