Lydie Breeze
By David Finkle · May 17, 2000
Elizabeth Marvel inLydie Breeze Some years ago, John Guare was included in the first group of New Yorkers declared "Living Landmarks." People who know him or ...
The Real Thing
By David Finkle · May 16, 2000
Stephen Dillane and Jennifer Ehlein The Real Thing Playwright Tom Stoppard has been getting a bum rap over the years. The conventional wisdom is that Stoppard ...
Joan of Arkansas
By Michael Bettencourt · May 16, 2000
Ryan Landy as Joan What would you call a musical production that has buckets of "finger-f**kin' fierce" fried chicken being handed around the audience, a score that ...
All's Well That Ends Well
By Jonathan Abarbanel · May 16, 2000
Shakespeare's comedy gone somber prompts Jonathan Abarbanel into a serious musing about the Bard.
Long Day's Journey Into Night
By Adam Langer · May 16, 2000
John Mahoney inLong Day's Journeyinto Night The most ironic aspect of the earnest, generally solid, yet ultimately wearying revival of Eugene O'Neill's Long Da
Das Barbecu
By Iris Fanger · May 16, 2000
Wagner turns Texan in New Rep's musical production. Iris Fanger goes for the gun-totin' Gesamtkunstwerk.
Lay Me Down
By John DeVore · May 15, 2000
From Lay Me Down I have a confession: I was first introduced to folk music by the Catholic Church, which incorporated it into Mass in an effort to appeal to
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
By Ricky Spears · May 15, 2000
Eric Bogosian starts his new show Wake Up and Smell The Coffee with a burst of World Wrestling Federation histrionics as he portrays a bouncing, noisy ...
Ghosts in the Cottonwoods
By Alan Quantrill · May 15, 2000
Adam Rapp's spooky drama at 24th Street Theater is reviewed by Jay Alan Quantrill.
The Philadelphia Story
By Wenzel Jones · May 12, 2000
Wenzel Jones takes a look at a revival of Philip Barry's classic comedy.