Bed and Sofa
By Terri Roberts · May 26, 2000
International City Theatre's production of Polly Pen's musical is praised by Terri Roberts.
By Melissa Rose Bernardo · May 24, 2000
From Proof Director Daniel Sullivan has many talents: One need only look at the past few years, and his glorious productions of classics such as Ah, Wildern
Enter the Guardsman
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · May 22, 2000
Robert Cuccioli inEnter the Guardsman As Enter the Guardsman begins, The Playwright (Mark Jacoby) starts to seduce the audience with his tale of a play ...
Falling Awake
By Roger J. An · May 22, 2000
Death provokes a wide range of strong emotions; grief, hurt, and anger often follow its wake. But few realize that humor is also a frequent bedfellow. Come to th
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · May 22, 2000
The rape of Lucrece is a true crime story, circa 500 B.C. It has been passed down through history primarily because the ravishment of Lucrece and her subsequent suicide brought do
The Laramie Project
By Andy Buck · May 19, 2000
Kelli Simpkins (center) and castin The Laramie Project(Photo by Joan Marcus) The actors sit in rows on plain wooden chairs, staring out blankly at the ...
When They Speak of Rita
By Melissa Rose Bernardo · May 18, 2000
Hallie Foote and Ebon Moss-Bachrachin When They Speak of Rita Days after seeing Daisy B. Foote's somber, quietly affecting When They Speak of Rita at ...
By Jack Savage · May 18, 2000
From Hypatia While Mac Wellman's Hypatia is a triumph of small stage design and multimedia innovation, its script is frustratingly vague, underdeveloped,
Lydie Breeze
By David Finkle · May 17, 2000
Elizabeth Marvel inLydie Breeze Some years ago, John Guare was included in the first group of New Yorkers declared "Living Landmarks." People who know him or ...
The Real Thing
By David Finkle · May 16, 2000
Stephen Dillane and Jennifer Ehlein The Real Thing Playwright Tom Stoppard has been getting a bum rap over the years. The conventional wisdom is that Stoppard ...