All My Sons
(l. to r.) Brian Hutchison, Daniel J. Travanti, Robin Pearson Rose,and Melinda Page Hamilton (in doorway) in All My Sons (Photo: Craig Schwartz)
Psychotherapy Live!
Lisa Levy plays doctor in Psychotherapy Live! She may not be a doctor, but she plays one on the stage. And for the price of admissio
I'm Not Rappaport
Frumpy old men. Judd Hirsch and Ben Vereen in I'm Not Rappaport (Photo: Patrick Farrell) Curmudgeons are a constant source of amusement for ticket buyers; c
Her Holiness:Alan Cumming stars as the Pope in Genet's Elle(Photo: Francis Hills) Alan Cumming as Pope? In the Art Party's production of Jean Genet's Ell
Transparency of Val
(l. to r.) Jonathan Green and Karl Herlinger in Transparency of Val (Photo: Suzanne Sutcliffe) Some two thousand years ago in ancie
Strange bedfellows:Judy Kuhn and Michael Cerveris in Pasion(Photo: Joan Marcus) Sondheim aficionados will find much to love in the ...
Twelfth Night
Jimmy Smits and Julia Stiles in Twelfth Night (Photo: Michal Daniels) Any production of Twelfth Night, or What You Will in which Malvolio is the voice
Monique Vukovic and Joyce Storey in Caged(Photo: Irene Young) A woman is trapped in a cage--but not really. The door is open and, if she wanted to escape, she ...
Sleeping With Straight Men
Sleeping With Straight Men Sleeping With Straight Men is a breezily amusing comedy that achieves a surprising level of poignancy with its dark ...
The Voyage of the Carcass
Chris Mason as Israel/Dan in The Voyage of the Carcass(Photo: Dan Shiffman) Dan O'Brien's The Voyage of the Carcass, now playi